Explore Nepal

Home to 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world Nepal is a country full of serene beauty. It has the perfect blend of cultures and modernity. With alluring forested hills, beautiful snowcapped mountains, and fascinating historical and geographical landmarks this amazing country attracts lots of travelers from all around the world. Nepal has an almost immeasurable amount of places filled with natural and modern beauty. It has tons of religious and historical sites like monasteries and temples with beautiful views and a peaceful environment. It also offers travelers some enthralling activities and adventures which make holidays there extremely fun. With attractive cities, amazing nightlife, lush forests, and peaceful ambiance this country is surely one of the best vacation destinations. Nepal is a cultural eye-opener an adrenaline adventure and a life-changing experience. 

Good Time To Visit

Nepal is an amazing visit all year round but some travelers like October to December for the captivating views and the clear blue sky, some prefer April for its dry and fascinating bloom while some like January and February for its pleasant cold weather.

How To Get To Nepal

By Flight: The only International Airport in Nepal is the Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu which is connected to lots of places. Travelers can visit Nepal directly by flight.

By Train: There are no direct railway lines connecting Nepal with any of its neighbouring countries but visitors can go to the station closest to Nepal and take a cab to visit the country.

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Places Worth Visiting


Kathmandu is the most visited tourist destination and the capital city of Nepal. It has a mix of culture and modern things including modern architecture and historical temples. This city is full of beautiful ancient temples, golden pagodas, natural beauty, and amazing villages. With tons of activities and delicious food Kathmandu is the gateway to exploring Nepal. With a variety of activities like hiking, bungee jumping, rafting, and mountain climbing among many others this city offers travelers an amazing adventure. From trekking to hills and lakes, contemporary art galleries and delicious food Kathmandu offers a unique experience to everyone.

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the biggest temples in Nepal. Situated on the bank of the beautiful and sacred Bagmati River this fascinating temple has a serene atmosphere. People from all around the world come to visit this temple as it has a magnificent structure and is one of the greatest temples of Lord Shiva. Locals and travelers alike come to this place to take some blessings and sit in the soul-enriching environment of this majestic temple. This temple holds a significant cultural value for the entire country of Nepal and is a must-see place.


Famous for being the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama or Lord Buddha and almost 250 km away from Kathmandu this beautiful town is located. It is a place full of peace and tranquillity and people from all around the world come to see it. The town of Lumbini is an alluring place filled with natural scenic beauty and major historical sites. Tourists can also visit the largest national park in the Terai Bardia national park which consists of majestic wilderness filled with Sal forests, diverse flora and fauna, and amazing views. Lumbini is not only a place of immense cultural and religious significance but also a peaceful, beautiful, and amazing tourist destination.


Known as the tourist capital of Nepal this jewel in the Himalayas is famous for its snowy peaks, blue lakes, and surrounding greenery. With the Annapurna range forming the serene view Pokhra is one of the greatest destinations for a weekend getaway. Full of ancient and beautiful lakes this place offers lots of activities and adventures including, trekking, paragliding, and river rafting among others. This fantastic town is a must-visit for a scenic and peaceful vacation. The largest lake of PokhraPhewa lake is lined with luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops and also features an island with a temple dedicated to the goddess BarahiBhagwati where pujas are held nearly every weekend.


Dharan is a beautiful semi-urban city located in the Sunsari district of Nepal. As this town is pretty close to India its culture and traditions are similar to theirs. Sometimes called ‘mini Brazil’ due to its love for football this entire town is situated at the foothills of the majestic Mahabarata ranges. It has natural beauty, fascinating structures, and amazing views. As this city is located by the Koshi and Tamorriver, rafting is a pretty standard activity for visitors to enjoy. It also offers hiking and trekking at various sites located close to it. Dharan is full of historical temples, adventurous activities beautiful pathways, and pleasant weather.


Located at an altitude of 13200 ft Mustang is famous for its trekking tours and sightseeing of majestic mountains. This city is divided into two parts Upper and Lower Mustang and is well known for its scenic beauty and vibrant culture. Upper Mustang is filled with fascinating hiking and trekking trails, peaceful monasteries, historical caves, and local tribes while the lower Mustang has natural scenery and amazing attractions. This city is rich in vegetation with a variety of apple fields, rhododendron plantations, and diverse flora and fauna. Travelers can visit many monasteries, Tibetan shrines, caves, and villages to have an amazing time in Mustang.


Bhaktapur one of the royal cities of Nepal lies on the old trade route to Tibet just outside of Kathmandu. The trade route for Bhaktapur was both an arterial link and a major source of wealth. It has beautiful royal palaces several temples and vibrant culture and traditions. Full of historical and fascinating architecture Bhaktapur offers amazing attractions to its visitors.

Places recommended to tourists are Darbar Square, Windows Palace, Nyatapola Temple, Taumadhi Square, Changu Narayan, and others.

Chitwan National Park

A wonderful place to view the wildlife the Chitwan National Park has a safari-like atmosphere and lies southwest of Kathmandu close to the Indian frontier. Included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites this park is home to rhinos, Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, guar, and deer among many other fascinating animals. It also contains freshwater dolphins and more than 500 species of birds. There are tours available to take you into the park and visitors can choose whether to walk on foot or get elephant rides.